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ViaThinkSoft ColorManager 4.0

Handy free tool to create your own color combinations for websites and programs
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ColorManager is a wonderfully designed, useful open-source application that will help Web designers and developers in creating their own color palette. This interesting tool not only allows you to create new colors quickly and easily, but it also provides you with the color codes required to use them in your HTML, Delphi, C++, Visual Basic, or Java applications.

Creating a completely new color or looking for that specific shade of green or pink could not be easier. ColorManager’s interface gives you two sets of sliders – one for the RGB and another one for the HSV values – for you to play with. Both sets are interconnected, so that a change in any of the three RGB sliders will reflect immediately in the HSV sliders and in the numeric values by their side, and vice versa. In the bottom side of the screen you will find the color codes for the languages mentioned above as well as for Photoshop and RGB-LongInt.

Alternatively, you can also create your colors by mixing those in the palette provided. Here you can mix colors coming from different color palettes, such as the Windows palette, the PaintShop Pro palette, or the Delphi palette. Both in the previous screen and in this one, you will be able to compare the currently active color combination and its inverted version with their nearest correspondence to the Websafe color palette.

Finally, a third feature – the “Color picker” – will let you capture any color that you can point at with your mouse. Thus, you will be able to pick up any color that you can locate in your desktop at a given moment – icons, open programs, Web sites, etc. Your creativity is the limit.

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